The WhatIsHockey team is in the 5th tier.

The team has a slight preference for players with attributes (sniper and lightning especially) along with youth/high potential players.

The team is headed by its Scoring Line 1, featuring the defensive-minded Corey Helander, the overachieving Damion Babauta, and Dominick Hull.

The team also features the 20 year old Gustaf Broenneke, with a 74 overall, grinder attribute, and 98 potential. Gustaf has underachieved to this point, despite being in a contract year.

The team recently sold out its best players from the previous season, season 17, A goalie and Center with (90) overalls.

As a result, WhatIsHockey bought a new stadium, given the interim name WhatIsStadium until a naming rights deal is agreed upon, making WhatIsHockey have one of the best NetWorths out of all tier 5.

For the future, GM Spaniard says, "We're a small market team, but our finances are strong. In a few years, we'll be able to make moves that will make our team among the elites"