Trading Edit

Trading players is the quickest way to improve your teams roster. There are two ways to go about doing this. First, click "Trade A Player" on the left hand menu, and select a team from your league to trade with. In the next menu, you can select which players, coaches or money you with to trade, and hit "Request Trade." The other way to do this is to click "Initiate Trade" while on an opposing team's roster page, and go through the request trade page that way.

After any request, you must wait until the other team has a chance to review and reply. A trade can be accepted, rejected or renegotiated. In order for a trade to be accepted, it must meet the trade ratio requirements (below). After a trade is accepted, there will be a 72hour period before the trade is commenced.

Every season there is a trade deadline set, and after that date, no trades may be made until the offseason begins. The dates for both can be found under the League Information heading. You can trade with any other human-controlled team in the tournament league. You cannot trade with AI teams or with teams in custom leagues.

Transfer Tax Edit

Transfer Tax is a non-refundable, mandatory tax that is issued on transfers of player, goalies, or coachs from one league to another. The players union has forced this upon its members to balance out the leagues and their talents. The cost is 25% to transfer between leagues and an additional 75% to transfer from between tiers. If you are trading within your own league their is no tax.

Trade Ratio Edit

One requirement for a trade to go through is that the trade ratio must be under 2.0. This has been put into place to help keep the trades closer and to be fair to both parties involved. If your trade has a ratio over 2.0, it must be renegotiated in order to go through. Many times this can be solved by adding or subtracting money from one side.

Many players have had issues with this however. There has been history of trades that seem to be equal having a ratio over 2, as well as obvious one-sided trades staying under 2. It has not been revealed exactly how the ratio is calculated, so there is no sure way of knowing why a trade might seen unfair. One can only hope the proposed Trade Moderator system that is in the works will help keep everything balanced properly.