According to the official game manual, this increases the number and quality of your staff. Theoretically this would be maintenance, concession, and other employees. This is a hugely debated issue, what exactly it does and whether it is worth it. It is rumored that this affects the happiness of the fans attending and have an effect on ticket sales, but this has not been proven nor dis-proven by anyone. Most managers keep this upgrade at the same level as the Building upgrade, and seems to work well.

Costs Edit

Facility Level One time cost Cost per home game Description

Staff 0 $0 $37,500 Level 0 Staff.

Staff 1 $113,250 $37,750 Level 1 Staff.

Staff 2 $114,400 $38,000 Level 2 Staff.

Staff 3 $117,000 $39,000 Level 3 Staff.

Staff 4 $270,000 $90,000 Level 4 Staff.

Staff 5 $281,250 $93,750 Level 5 Staff.

Staff 6 $292,500 $97,500 Level 6 Staff.

Staff 7 $303,750 $101,250 Level 7 Staff.

Staff 8 $360,000 $120,000 Level 8 Staff.

Staff 9 $660,000 $220,000 Level 9 Staff.

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