The snipers are a hockey team based in Beeton, Ontario. They currently compete in league 3109 in tier 5 of the GHL.

The BeginningEdit

A last place AI team in league 3109 of tier 5 was replaced halfway through season 21 by a new team: the Snipers. The team was bought for $1.8 million by the town of Beeton, Ontario, with help from donations from hockey fans in Beeton and area, who wanted a professional hockey club in their town. The new team quickly hired GM Cameron Murphy, and he built a team out of the free agency.

That team did good, but didnt make the playoffs, because the record of the AI team would be mixed with the snipers record. Because of the time needed to build the team, The snipers missed one game. The AI team played 25 games, going 5-20-0 and finishing dead last. The snipers went 9-1-2, to finish with a 14-21-2 record and finished 10th place in the league. Goalie Petrov Negbenebor finished 2nd in the league in goals against average (0.66) and save pertentage (95.9).

No Challenge (season 22)Edit

Season 22 is currently underway, and so far the Snipers have gone 31-0-0 as of august 22nd, 2010. The only point that was a challenge was the season opener, when going inot the 3rd the snipers were losing 1-0. 2 goals in the later part of the 3rd period put the snipers ahead, and solid goaltending kept them ahead for the rest of the game. Since then, they have destroyed every team in their path, thanks to skilled offense starring rookie Norman Sesler. The goaltending performance dropped, however there is so much action outside of the snipers zone that starter Petrov Negbenebor rarely gets tested.