Hailing from the northern most point of GreenLand, the North Sexington Sex Hammers are a storied franchise. Dominating the ASHL1 league for the better part of its existence, the NSSH boast an impressive record. Currently in season 6 the Sex Hammers look poised to make a sixth straight playoff run, already having 4 league championships and 3 cup finals appearances along with 2 Milanos Cup Victories. Considered the leagues premiere 'Dynasty' the team has faced much adversary this season after thier shocking first round exit from last years post season. Early into season six fantasy hockey fans were saddened with the retirement announcement of former Sex Hammer captain Sir Samuel C. Jager. Although Jager no longer suits up for the orange and blue he has past the torch to new captain Ned Colindres. Considered by many as the most clutch playoff performer in the league; Ned not only possesses 4 cup rings but also the ability to lead a team to excellence and post impressive regular season numbers. With allstars gracing all parts of their roster from star forwards like Sofron Nikitin, Nathanial Sancken and Roosevelt Bramasco and dman Gale Hanthorn along with franchise Goaltender Zapotocky Dietrich, the North Sexington Sex Hammers are sure to be a competitive team for years to come. For tickets contact Chernyshev Ticket Enterprizes and act fast as the Sam Jager Center is sold out every game.

Reported from North Sexington Greenland, 

I'm Lonny Dobert, NSSH Press team.