The Mississauga Blue Devils are a professional ice hockey team based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. They are members of League #349, tier level 4. The team was founded midway through the 16th season.

Mississauga Blue Devils
Tier Level 4
League Number 349
Date Founded January, 2009
Season Founded Season 16
City Mississauga
Home Arena Tops Center
Colours Blue, Black, Grey
General Manager DG
Head Coach Erich Codeluppi
Captain Johnathon Dekeyzer
Play-off Wins 1
Play-off Finalists 2

The Mississauga Blue Devils organization was founded in Season 16 in the GHL. The team started in the 5th tier and worked its way up to the 3rd tier at one point. They had a few bad seasons and some financial issues and were dropped back down to the 4th tier, League #349, where they remain to this day. They have been to the finals twice, once in tier 5 where they lost and placed 2 in their league, and once in tier 4 where they won and placed first in their league.

The team has a solid core that has been with the team from the beginning. It includes Johnathon Dekeyzer (92), Denny Looby (89), Marquis Bochner (89), Rex Betance (85), August Reza (81), Lorenzo Panzer (81), Whitney Kuntz (78), and Marcus Wearrien who was traded during season 25.