Lyran Leopards
Avatar Lyran
Tier Level Tier 3 Teams
League Number 107
Date Founded September 2009
Season Founded 19
City Indianapolis
Home Arena The Den
Colours Yellow, Green and Black
General Manager K. Zinti
Head Coach Antoine Burl
Captain Serafim Frolov
Play-off Wins 6
Play-off Finalists 1

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Introduce Yourself: Season 19:Edit

Current Tier: 5

Current League: 1357

Regular Season Record: 36 - 2 -0

Playoff Record: 6 - 1 - 0

Finals Champion

The Leopards joined the league just prior to the start of season 19.  Hopes were reasonably high as they were entering what was basically the single A league of the GHL. Competition, in general, was expected to be light and the Leopards expected to be in the playoffs, and with luck, the finals in this first season.   And, as expected, that's what happened.  There were some tough games and the better teams in the league showed up to play, but they only represented a handful of games on the schedule.

The Leopards ended the end of the regular season with a 36-2-0 record.  Their 2 losses came near the end of the season to two eventual playoff teams.  One of which was their opponent in the finals.

The team is heading up to Tier 4, regardless how the final game of the Finals ends, capping off a successful inaugural season!

Sophomore Slump? Season 20: Edit

Current Tier: 4

Current League: 107

Regular Season Record: 30 - 3 - 5

Playoff Record: 0 - 1 - 1

And here we go...

After a fairly successful second season, the Leopards drew a pretty tough opponent to start the playoffs with by stumbling near the end. That opponent, Wet Beavers, showed the Leopards the door with 2-0 series sweep.

Year Three: Season 21: Edit

Current Tier: 4

Current League: 107

Regular Season Record: 35 - 2 - 1

Milestone: Played 100th game in franchise history (4.19.10)

Milestone: 100th team victory, against an AI team, on 5.17.10

Season Long 27 game winning streak - snapped by Canada Tires on 5.19

Playoff Record: 7 - 0 - 0 - 0

Finals Champion

After a pretty good season, we are on to Tier 3!

Year Four: Season 22: Edit

Current Tier: 3

Current League: 50

Regular Season Record: 2 - 2 -1

Well, season 4 is not off to a good start. An 0-2-0 record, and a 1:9 GF to GA ratio is pretty ugly. Here's to hoping we at least win 1 game.

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