Hockey players are sent on to the ice in lines. In the GHL, you will have 18 players and 2 goalies that must be assigned to lines.


There must be 18 players and 2 goalies on a roster. Teams may own more players, but they can't be on the roster. If you do not have at least 18 players on your roster or at least 2 goalies on your roster, your team will hire a "scab player" to play for your team instead of forfeiting the game. The scab players are very poor players.

Types of LinesEdit

There are 2 scoring lines, 2 checking lines, and 3 defensive pairs. There are also special lines, which are the powerplay and penalty kill lines. There are 2 five man powerplay lines, 2 four man powerplay lines, 2 four man penalty kill lines, and 2 three man penalty kill lines.You can only assign a player to 1 (except special lines).

Managing LinesEdit

Click on the left column to set up each specific line. Scoring Line 1 through Checking Line 4 requires a Left Wing, Center, and Right Wing. These positions are for offensive players. Defense Pairs 1 through 3 are for defensive players only. These players tend to stay back. Goalies protect the goal. You must select 1 starting goalie and 1 backup goalie. The starting goalie will usually play the entire game unless he is playing badly. You must also choose one coach, who will lead the team. It is also important to keep your lines healthy

Auto AssignEdit

This feature will automatically assign your players to all of the positions. It will look at their skills and health and calculate which player is currently best for each position. It can be used as a starting point.