The GHL's League 1447 is a member of Tier 5 Leagues. It currently has 11 human teams and 9 AI teams.

Season 13 Edit

This is the current season of the league. Regular season started March 17th 2008 and will end June 2nd 2008. Trade deadline is May 20th and the playoffs start at 3rd June. Off-season starts June 12th and ends 15th day.

List of human teams Edit

Apacze Konin
Demonic Knights * Currently voted as league moderator
Magister Magi
Providence Bruins
Team Norski

Pre-season draft Edit

1st pick: Snipers acquired goalie Adis Tretera (62).
2nd pick: wilds acquired player Kirby Katzenberger (62).
3rd pick: humperdink acquired player Eldin Kordus (57).
4th pick: West Vancouver United acquired player Erik Sherfy (62)
5th pick: Providence Bruins acquired player Nolan Seckington (62).
6th pick: Apacze Konin acquired player Patrick Milelr (60).
7th pick: Magister Magi acquired player Rolf Beckford (68).
8th pick: vaginal herpies acquired player Chong Thall (63).
9th pick: jesters acquired player Onisim Suvorov (61).
10th pick: Demonic Knights acquired player Roger Beddia (62).
11th pick: Brainiacs acquired player Alvin Valis (55).
12th pick: Little Monsters acquired player Rickie Lora (64).
13th pick: Motion acquired player Alvaro Hertweck (65).

Trades Edit

February 20, 5:00 AMDemonic Knights bought goalie Jarno Flanner (67) from Central Players for $1,700,000.00
February 21, 6:00 PMProvidence Bruins traded goalie Marcellus Plues (69) to Manchester Monarchs for player Mirek Ebey (67) and goalie Donut Klimov (58)
March 21, 5:00 PMProvidence Bruins sold goalie Donut Klimov (58) to Manchester Monarchs for $2,079,000.00