League 1393 began play in season 9 as one of the original Tier 5 leagues. Here are the known records for this league, all available research was exhausted to compile these records.

Past ChampionsEdit

Season Champion Runner Up
12 Koneheads Halstead Town
11 Dumbledore's Army -
10 Gothams -
9 - -

Individual RecordsEdit

Category Record Player Team Season
Goals 38 Chris Paronto Sea of Red 12
Assists 44 Ellis Frusci Dumbledore's Army 11
Points 71 Deandre Landberg Koneheads 11
Penalty Minutes 70 Cory Caroli Dumbledore's Army 10
Wins 28 Beau Krzesinski Koneheads 12
Shutouts 11 Rhett Erdley f2x40 11, 12

Team RecordsEdit

Wins: 35 by Koneheads in season 12

Goals: 214 by Dumbledore's Army in season 11

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