A good start would be to use the following template, filling in the information as it pertains to your team.

(Click on the edit button above, copy the following text, and paste into your teams page. Again, do NOT save here):

[Your Team Name Here]

[[Image:[Your Team Logo Link Here]|center|125px|[Your Team Name Here]]]

Tier Level [[[Your Tier Here]]]
League Number [Your League Here]
Date Founded [Date/Year Founded Here]
Season Founded [Season Founded Here]
City [Your City Here]
Home Arena [Your Arena Name Here]
Colours [Your Team Colours Here]
General Manager [Your Name Here]
Head Coach [Head Coach Here]
Captain [Captain Here]
Play-off Wins [Number Of Times Playoffs Won]
Play-off Finalists [Number Of Times Reached Playoff Finals]

Many people will add their own personal team logo, following this Link. After loading the picture, place the link in the template to show off your style. (Note: By changing text and background colours, you can customize further to match).

Another way to customize to your teams style is to create a jersey. Using one of the Jersey Templates, save the picture to your computer, and create your own using Photoshop, Paint, or any other similar program. Remember, when up-loading your jersey, remember to save it under a name specific to your team.

After that, the best way to get your page started is to look at other pages already made. Feel free to copy what they have, such as team standing charts, player lists, etc. The best way to familiarize yourself with how the coding works is to experiment. There is a preview button, so you can look over what you have done before it is saved. And nothing is ever permanent, you can always come back and re-edit anytime you wish.