Chilangos HC
Tier Level Tier 5
League Number 1969
Date Founded March, 2006
Season Founded Season 3
City Mexico City, Mexico
Home Arena Estadio Azteca
Colours Black, Red, White
General Manager Eddy O.
Head Coach Canada Cornell Sherman
Captain Canada Thaddeus Vuolo
Play-off Wins None
Play-off Finalists 2

Team was previously known as Los Chilangos, they went bankrupt at the end of season 12 due to their corrupt General Manager. They officially returned on March 13, 2009 under new management but with same ownership, ready to start Season 17!

By Spitfireman


Owner: Spitfireman

Playoff Runnerup Came in second during the Season 4 playoffs of a tier level 4 league.

Came in 3rd in the playoffs of Season 5 by losing to the playoff winner in League 57.

Season 3Edit

Season 3 was just the beginning of Los Chilangos. Their only accomplishment at this time was joining the GHL. The season was just ending when they joined.

Season 4Edit

Trophy Silver

Season 4

This proved to be their best season. Having landed in League 315 in Tier 4 during season 3, they showed what they came with. The beginning of the season was a good start for them. They maintained 1st place through half of the season (most of it was due to their awesome draft pick, Sherwood Perozo.) When the end of the season was approaching, they began to go on a losing streak, which caused them to drop to 3rd place at the end of the season. They managed to get to the finals by beating their contenders in 3 games each. It all came to Tomslake Storms and Los Chilangos for the final game, they had a good chance to win. Tomslake Storms had an incomplete roster due to injuries. The first game turned out to be a loss for Los Chilangos. All their hopes went down for the next game, but they came back with 3 - 1 win. The final game was their most suspenseful. They began losing 2 - 0, but on the third period they managed to score 2 goals taking the game into Overtime. Unfortunately Tomslake Storms scored on minute 12 making them Champions. But Los Chilangos became the runner-ups, meaning they were to promote to Tier 3 for the following season.

Season 5Edit

This proved to be an important season for Los Chilangos. After promoting to League 57, they were able to acquire Lyle Neesmith for 13 million from The Canucks. Since The Canucks were also in League 57, they didn't have to pay transfer tax. Lyle Neesmith joined Los Chilangos shortly after Sherwood Perozo suffered a 13 day injury in their first game of the season.

Season 6Edit

Trophy Silver

Season 6

This season was another important one for Los Chilangos, they were able to achieve runner-up position in the playoffs and promoted to League 11

Here is were troubles began...

Season 7Edit

Season 8Edit

Season 9Edit

Season 10Edit

Players, Staff and CaptaincyEdit



Number Player Position Shoots Acquired Place of Birth Overall
42 Template:Flagicon Kareem Clubbs [1] ST R Season 6 Lafleche, Saskatchewan 90
21 Template:Flagicon Collin Hadcock [2] BK R Season 5 Eau Claire, Wisconsin 73
27 Template:Flagicon Chadwick Stoodley [3] SC L Season 3 Mascouche, Quebec 56
Number Player Position Shoots Acquired Place of Birth Overall
72 Template:Flagicon Paul Baginski [4] DP 2 R Season 6 Trosa 72
88 Template:Flagicon Valentin Hietala - A [5] DP 3 R Season 3 Santa Ana, California 71
77 Template:Flagicon Amado Mandry [6] CH 3 R Season 5 Tulsa, Oklahoma 70
38 Template:Flagicon Kramoris Larriviere [7] CH 4 L Season 4 Kosice 70
15 Template:Flagicon Zhenya Semenov [8] DP 1 L Season 4 Saratov 69
95 Template:Flagicon Desmond Sielaff [9] CH 4 L Season 4 Inukjuaq, Quebec 69
35 Template:Flagicon Rigoberto Majerus [10] DP 2 L Season 6 White Plains, New York 69
24 Template:Flagicon Arron Lunch [11] DP 1 R Season 3 Wellesley, Ontario 69
0 Template:Flagicon Solomon Lippincott [12] DP 3 R Season 4 Warren, Manitoba 69
25 Template:Flagicon Bret Slyter - File:Injury.GIF [13] -- R Season 3 Jefferson City, Missouri 68
95 Template:Flagicon Pyotr Lobanov [14] CH 3 R Season 3 Tver 68
Number Player Position Shoots Acquired Place of Birth Overall
67 Template:Flagicon Lyle Neesmith - C Sniper [15] SC 1 R Season 5 Bonnyville, Alberta 94
54 Template:Flagicon Sherwood Perozo - A [16] SC 1 L Season 3 Bobcaygeon, Ontario 79
55 Template:Flagicon Lionel Crisson [17] SC 1 R Season 6 Delisle, Quebec 73
29 Template:Flagicon Aarne Kirven [18] CH 3 L Season 5 Kemi 72
71 Template:Flagicon Michael Sleaford [19] SC 2 L Season 3 Osler, Saskatchewan 68
49 Template:Flagicon Luis Brockmeyer [20] CH 4 R Season 4 Teeswater, Ontario 68
13 Template:Flagicon Lloyd Pompi [21] SC 2 L Season 4 Paramount, California 68
48 Template:Flagicon Barry Withers [22] SC 2 L Season 4 Burlington, Vermont 68
45 Template:Flagicon Timothy Piere [23] -- L Season 3 Port Alberni, British Columbia 67
23 Template:Flagicon Danny Ellanson [24] -- R Season 3 Millville, New Brunswick 66
44 Template:Flagicon Tobias Schwertfager [25] -- L Season 3 Laholm 65


Number Player Position Shoots Acquired Place of Birth Overall
-- Template:Flagicon Willie Shock [26] -- - Season 3 Colonsay, Saskatchewan 87

Captains and AssistantsEdit

Season 3 :

Template:Flagicon Valentin Hietala [27] - C

Canada Michael Sleaford [28] - A

Canada Sherwood Perozo [29] - A

Season 4 :

Canada Michael Sleaford [30] - C

Canada Sherwood Perozo [31] - A

Template:Flagicon Valentin Hietala [32] - A

Season 5 :

Canada Sherwood Perozo [33] - C

Canada Michael Sleaford [34] - A

Canada Lyle Neesmith Sniper [35] - A

Season 6 :

Canada Lyle Neesmith Sniper [36] - C

Canada Sherwood Perozo [37] - A

Template:Flagicon Valentin Hietala [38] - A

Draft PicksEdit

(Traded away to Just CHECKING in Tier 3, League 43)

Previously Associated TeamsEdit

Their owner was also in charge of:

Low Achievers (Allstars League)

Fiends (Misfists League)